7 Amazing Benefits of Homeschooling

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For many families, homeschooling is an attractive option when it comes to their children’s education. Homeschooling not only offers a more personalized approach to learning but also provides flexibility in terms of curriculum and schedule How To Balance Work, School, and Family Life. There are many amazing benefits of homeschooling but the following are just a few of the reasons that makes it a great choice for my family.

When I was in middle school, I had ONE friend who was homeschooled. We grew up in the same neighborhood. That was my first encounter with someone who was homeschooled. When I was in high school, I met many more homeschooled kids, and that is when my interest in homeschool peak. I became interested because the kids were not anti-social or socially awkward, contrary to belief. They were actually very outgoing, talented, and athletic. What surprised me the most was that some of these kids had the opportunity to attend a public school and had chosen not to. Some did attend a traditional school and realized they did not like it, so they switched back to being homeschooled.

It made me reflect on myself… would I have been better off homeschooled? I struggled to maintain friendships, even though U was outgoing and quickly made friends. Therefore, I had a hard time figuring out where I belonged. I did a lot of soul-searching to find my place. And I figured out that the world is my place and not to shrink myself anywhere because I am more than the box I am trying to squeeze myself into. Therefore, knowing how I felt then, I told myself I would homeschool my children. I wanted them to be confident, self-aware individuals who would not succumb to peer pressure.

 After having my first child, he did go to school after a year of being home with me. It would have been better for this social development. But when he started school, I noticed a change in him—a setback. He lacked confidence in himself and did not like test-taking. This was a concern for me. He switched schools and progressively improved, but it was not enough. So when his younger siblings were born, I decided to homeschool him. To my surprise, the transition was pretty smooth. He absolutely missed his school friends, recess, and gym time. But, we worked together by adding in after-school extracurriculars.

Benefits of Self-Paced Learning

With me being home educating him, he was happier. We were able to take our time and find a learning style that was best suited for him. After we found the best learning style for him, lesson plans weren’t as long and tedious as a regular school day. This allowed us to maximize our hands-on learning experiments, which included science projects, economics, piano lessons, and much more. This is such a lovely part of the benefits of homeschooling—customized lesson plans.

Access to Specialized Content

Another thing that I have discovered is children’s awareness is heightened when homeschooling. They ask more inquisitive and dive deeper into research. They can do this due to the one-on-one attention and no time restrictions when learning. We can spend ample time on one lesson and less time on another. Therefore, homeschooling was better for my family and me than traditional school. It allows us to engage with our children and customize the curriculum with extracurricular activities from the school system. Here is a quick summary of the list of benefits of homeschooling that I discussed in this article:

  • Free thinkers
  • Independent
  • Confident/ self-aware
  • Little to no peer pressure
  • Eager to learn and try new things
  • Family environment
  • Flexibility in academics and extracurricular activities


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