7 Easy Self-care Tips For All Moms

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Wondering how to achieve your higher self through self-care as a millennial mom? From the moment you become pregnant, you devote your life to bringing new life into the world. It is the most joyous, surreal experience every single time. As women, we are natural nurturers—we love taking care of others and being there for others wholeheartedly. So it is so easy for us to get wrapped up in being the best mom that we forget to take care of ourselves. We spend all morning and night feeding our babies, cooking, cleaning up everyone’s mess, and trying to spend quality time that we lose ourselves in the mix.

But we must prioritize our self-care because we cannot operate at our higher self if we neglect ourselves. Our higher self is our true self. When we are connected to our higher self, our consciousness is not bound by worldly possessions. When operating at our higher self, we feel peace and true happiness. We are away from all the chaos that the physical world brings.

When we are working at our higher self, we teach our children how to do the same. Our children will know inner peace and happiness, which means physical worldly possessions will not phase them. They will know that everything that they have manifested will come to fruition. I like to refer to this as easy self-care tips for all moms.

Take A Break From Social Media

In mom self-care, we have to find time in the morning, afternoon, and evening for ourselves, even for a few minutes. We can prioritize ourselves by waking up a few minutes earlier to express gratitude, meditate, and stretch. Finding time for ourselves in the morning allows us to align our thoughts and set the tone for our day. We will experience happiness and positive energy to be present throughout our day. To keep this positive attitude, we must remain conscious of our actions and decisions to prioritize. By us bettering ourselves, it is bettering everyone around us.

Get Moving

 When we think of daily mom self-care as a millennial mom, we believe it has to be extravagant. When in fact, it does not have to be extravagant. Self-care is the betterment of oneself to reach the realization of our higher self. It means taking care of our body, mind, and soul to achieve our higher self. It can be as simple as taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or going for a brisk walk (even with a baby in the stroller) if that is something you have to do.

These are daily easy self-care habits that help with your physical health and energy. It also allows you to keep going with the kids all day without feeling overwhelmed. It is important to note that self-care also includes taking care of our mind, which means we must be careful with what we allow our ears to hear, our eyes to see, and what we say. When we consume our minds with positivity, it overflows onto our children, and the same thing with negativity. When we choose to feed our minds with positivity, we operate at our higher selves.

Look After Your Mind and Body

Here are a few examples how you can practice easy mom self-care habits to operate at your higher self:

  • Drink something warm first thing in the morning for healthy digestion. It lets your body know that it is time to wake up. Drinking something warm in the morning supports healthy digestion. It also helps to prevent bloating and overeating throughout the day.
  • Get your body moving. Getting your body moving includes stretching, yoga, or working out in the morning. It regulates blood flow throughout the body.
  • Limit screen time. The less screen time we use throughout the day, the more present we become in our daily lives. We get to experience the joys and not rush our lives, compare ourselves or even our children.
  • Get up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than your household. By doing this, you are prioritizing me time. This time is dedicated to you doing things you would like to do for yourself.
  • Clean the house at night during the week. I love cleaning the house during the weeknight because it reduces stress, improves sleep, and makes it less to clean. It allows me to feel relaxed in the morning and have a clear mind to enjoy my morning me time. Also, it provides for an ample amount of time to spend with family and the kids on the weekends.
  • Eat clean. Be mindful of what you are eating. The foods that we consume affect our mood. If you eat fast food, it will make you feel lazy and affect your energy. Nutrition can impact you negatively, including your thoughts and attitude.
  • Listen to music that feeds your soul. It makes you feel good and contributes to positivity throughout your day, and gives you the patience to perform daily to-do list tasks. It also helps with dealing with your children and their demeanor.

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